Tournament Rules

Two Rivers Golf Association

New Member Game and Rule Sheet

Tournament signups can be done via the signup sheet in the clubhouse, by email to or preferably on the Entry Form via our website prior to 5PM the Wednesday before the tournament date.

Tee Times will be available by 5PM the Thursday before the tournament in printed form at the clubhouse and on the Schedule page at

Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your tee time to check in for the tournament and pay any tournament fees and get an official scorecard (we will have a table set up inside the clubhouse or in the breeze way) and pay for your green fees separately at the course counter.

There will be no more than 4 similarly sized flights based on handicap index. Individual tournaments will be Gross and Net, all team events will be Net only.

Winnings will be as follows (except double payout tournaments or Club Championship) for both Gross and Net scores in each flight and be determined in the following order:

1st Gross, 1st Net ---- $45 each

2nd Gross, 2nd Net ---- $35 each

3rd Gross, 3rd Net ---- $25 each

4th Gross, 4th Net ---- $15 each

All results after 4th place will be net score only

All official side games will be separated into two pools, 1st & 2nd Flights and 3rd & 4th Flights.

Closest to the Pin: $20 for each closest to the pin (4 for 1st & 2nd Flights and 4 for 3rd & 4th Flights).

Any hole in one will win the year's hole in one pot at the end of the year. If there are multiple hole in ones in one year, the pot will be split evenly among all hole in one recipients. If there is no hole in one within the year, the hole in one pot will be donated to a worthy cause.

Skins: $300 ($150 for 1st & 2nd Flights and $150 for 3rd & 4th Flights) will be divided equally between any player(s) that win a hole outright in their respective pool.

All winnings (tournament and side games) will be paid via gift card (currently to Edwin Watts, Dicks Sporting Goods, credit for tournaments or Metro Parks Credit Balance).

All TRGA board members will have a red flag on their cart. If there are any questions during a round, please feel free to ask.

If you have rules questions or need a ruling and are unable to find a board member, please call Steve Counce at 615-668-8364 or Jeff Helbig at 615-491-1487.

If you are unable to find any immediate rules answers (or we need to look it up), please play 2 balls for the remainder of that hole, noting which is being played under which rule. We will determine the appropriate score in the clubhouse.

On the course tips:

Enter only tournament scores on the tournament scorecard – use course cards for any personal use.

Pay attention to the group behind you, especially when leaving a green.

When you leave a green, please get in the cart and drive directly to he next tee before putting your clubs back in your bag and entering scores on the scorecard, especially if the group behind you is waiting to hit their shots.

Pay or determine any side bets after your round of golf.

All players are required to confirm and sign for their score before turning in the card.

All putts must be holed out.

Play the same ball from the teeing ground into the hole. Change balls only when the rules allow.

Play the ball as it lies (unless under lift, clean and place conditions). In other words, don’t touch or roll the ball until you mark the ball on the green.

Lift, clean and place local rules for the TRGA will mean only closely mowed areas (tee boxes, fairway, and the first cut of fringe around the green - it does not include any other fairway or green, the rough, in a bunker or hazard, or the fringe of the fairway) through the green being played. The player must mark his spot, clean the ball, and replace the ball within one standard driver club length (44 inches). Once it is placed, it can't be replaced unless it moves of it's own accord. You may not move your ball on the green if you are in the fringe around the green. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCE CAN YOU ROLL THE BALL - You will incur a one stroke penalty, if you do not mark your spot and roll your ball.

If under lift, clean and place circumstances a spot can not be found that is not under casual water collection within one club length of your marked ball, then the nearest point of relief from your spot must be played.

Lift, clean and place will be declared in written form at the scorecard pickup table before the round.

While you are permitted to ask and share yardages from/with fellow competitors, please do not request type of shot, club selection, or advice.

Play at a reasonable pace (18 holes should take 4 hours total)

If you fall behind, use the continuous putt and ready golf rules until caught up.

Be ready to play when it is your turn.

Don’t wait to hit your second shot on a par 5 unless you clearly can reach the players in front of you. In other words, if you have a 250 yard shot left to the green and you’ve never hit a 250 yard shot, chances are you won’t this time either.

If you hit a ball that you think may be in a area where it can be lost or out of bounds please declare and proceed to hit a provisional ball (with a different identification mark).

If a player can not find his ball please do not help him look for it until you have hit your shot. If all players in the group hit their next shots and the ball is still lost the 3 minutes given to look for a lost ball will have expired and the player needs to play their provisional ball or put another ball in play at the proper area and include the appropriate penalty in his score.

If you fall behind more than 1 hole, you will receive a warning from a board member or authorized marshal (red cart flag). You will have 2 holes to catch up fully. If not caught up after 2 holes, each member of your group will be assessed 2 penalty strokes.

Replace divots, repair ball marks and rake bunkers.

Don’t move or talk while someone in your group is hitting the ball (or about to hit).

Don’t walk across the line of another player's putt on the green.

Don’t hold up other players when they are ready to hit their shot.

Common Golf Rules

1. Rule 13-4: When your ball is in a hazard, whether a bunker or a water hazard, you cannot touch the ground or water in the hazard with your club before impact with the ball.

2. Rule 24: Obstructions are anything artificial. Some obstructions are movable. Others are not, so you must drop your ball within one club length of your nearest point of relief. Due to prior gravel cart paths, if your ball is within one standard grip length of the paved cart path, you have a choice of playing the ball as it lies or one club length in relieve no closer to the hole.

3. Rule 28: If your ball is found and is unplayable (it must be found to be deemed unplayable), you have three options:

a) Play from where you hit your last shot.

b) Drop the ball within two club lengths of where your ball is now.

c) Keep the point where the ball is between you and the hole and drop your ball on that line. You can go back as far as you want.

4. Tee times: Please tee off on time and you will have 5 minutes to tee off from your assigned tee time. There will be a 2 stroke penalty for teeing off prior to your tee time (or before groups designated to tee off before you) and a 2 stroke penalty if your 5 minutes has elapsed.

5. Undue Delay / Slow Play: In a 4-hour round of golf, 13 minutes are allotted for each hole with 6 minutes allotted at the turn. If your group falls behind by more than 1 hole at any point, you will receive a warning and will be expected to be in position within 2 holes. If not in position within 2 holes, each player will be assessed a 2 stroke penalty. A grid showing tee times and positions is available upon request.

Local Rule Concerning the Brush Pile to the right of the 13th fairway: If you hit a shot into the brush pile and you can locate your ball, you my take a one club length relief with no penalty at the nearest point of relief. If the ball is not found, it is considered a lost ball which incurs a one stroke penalty and the next shot must be played from the previous spot (hopefully you hit a provisional), or you may take a drop in the appropriate area with a two stroke penalty.

Two local rules are now being played.

1. There is a triple bogey maximum score for each hole. Once you have exceeded the triple bogey, please pick up your ball and record the appropriate score.

2. The out of bounds/lost ball option is being allowed. If your ball is out of bounds or lost, after a three minute search you may drop a ball within the appropriate area with a two stroke penalty.