Alcohol Overdose Facts

Alcohol Overdose Facts

When people have an overdose of alcohol (which is when they drink more than their body can handle), they could lose their life. It's easy to have a fatal overdose, but even if an alcoholic survives the ordeal, it's likely that they will still suffer with health issues.

What is an overdose?

When people drink alcohol in high amounts, they have a chance of having an overdose. Why?

Well, when people consume more alcohol then their body can handle, it has effects on them. A person who has drunk a heavy amount will have their BAC (which stands for blood-alcohol concentration) heightened to a lethal level, and this is what causes a fatal overdose.

This event can be known as acute intoxication or alcohol poisoning. Not all overdoses are fatal, as some people do survive. However, the experience is not often able to prevent those users from having another overdose in the future.

The chances of an overdose is increased if a person mixes alcohol with other narcotics (such as drugs). Unfortunately, it's quite common for people to drink alcohol and take other dangerous substances at the same time. The more drugs are mixed, the higher the chance of an overdose.

Symptoms of an alcohol overdose

When people have had too much, they may show some signs or symptoms that could tell you whether or not they may have overdosed. By finding out sooner rather than later, you could save a life.

Vomiting and a loss of coordination are quite common signs of an overdose, as well as pale or slightly blue skin. If they also seem disorientated or in a stupor (which is when they are conscious but unresponsive), then they may have had an overdose.

Other symptoms include:

· Slow breathing / irregular breathing

· Unconsciousness

· Seizures

· Hypothermia (which means low body temperature)

If they are showing signs of any of these other symptoms, then it's very likely that they have had an overdose and you should call an ambulance. The amount consumed and how long they have had the high amounts of alcohol in their system can be a determining factor in whether or not they survive.

Alcohol Rehab

One of the best ways to recover from an addiction to alcoholism is rehab. At Transformations rehab centres, they have medical and addiction specialists who are able to help alcoholics to overcome their addictions. This kind of treatment could save your life (or somebody else's) from an overdose.