Alcohol Addiction Medications

Alcohol Addiction Medication

There are many different ways that an alcoholic can recover from their addiction and one of the things that could help an addict is alcohol addiction medication. There are different types of medications and they can all give a person with a drinking problem the chance to become sober.

When medications are made, they need to be approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Association) before they can be used properly. Each of the following medications have already been approved - however, many people work on making cures for alcoholism, so better or more useful medications could be released in the near future.


Naltrexone is a type of medication that has the ability to help alcoholics to reduce how much they drink. For heavy drinkers this could be life saving, as there are many different dangers that come with heavy drinking.

Some of these include depression, cirrhosis, dementia and many more. By consuming lesser amounts of alcohol, an addict could seriously lower their chances of these issues becoming a problem.


Disulfiram is able to stop the breakdown of alcohol within the human body. Although it can help people to lessen their consumption of alcohol, it also has some negative symptoms too; such as nausea.

However, it's the unpleasant effects that sometimes help an addict to avoid drinking altogether.


Acamprosate doesn't exactly help with alcohol problems, but it can instead help the addict to build up and keep self-restraint. This could help an alcoholic to see a drink and resist the urge to consume it, or to choose to stay indoors instead of going out for the night. This is something that could help them to recover with much more ease - and it could also lessen the chances of relapse.

Alcohol rehab

Although getting treatment for an alcohol addiction is not the same as taking medication for it, Transformations rehab clinic is also a very good idea for an addict. Not only do the professionals know how to help with alcoholism issues, but they may also offer some of the medications that can help them, too.

There are also many different types of treatments that rehabilitation centres can offer to an addict - and certain treatment programs that may be better suited to specific needs than others. If an addict chooses to go to a medical facility to get the help that they can give, research should be undertaken first to find which centre is best in price, treatment and also location.