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Lakewood Township-Mediacom build Frequently Asked Questions-October11,2022

What level of service will be available once the construction is complete?

How much will service cost when it is launched?

How long will the build take?

Will the implementation and access be as the infrastructure is built or all at once across the Township?

How do I sign up or pre-register for service?

Will your construction teams enter my property without my knowledge?

What services will you be offering?

I have questions that are not answered here, how do I get my question answered?



Report No. 07

Report Quarter January 2024

Mileage Built (12/31/23) 68.18 Miles

Total Cost (12/31/23) $4,843,486.55

Current Status: Construction – Cabinet Five - Six

Estimated Completion: Spring 2024

We are currently moving into the construction phase where cabinet five and six will undergo construction

and activation. The phase-by-phase address list is attached to this notice. Cabinet five should be activated

by EOM January 2024.

Ongoing Status: Permitting

Estimated Completion: End of Project

Throughout the life of the project, we will be ensuring all permitting is on file and secured. Some permits

have set time frames to do the construction, so this status will continue throughout the life of the project

until full completion.

Upcoming Status: Construction – Marketing Outreach

Estimated Start: Ongoing

A few weeks before construction completes, we will send mailers out to the homes that are impacted by

this cabinet activation. The mailer will give information on activation date, sign up date, and sign-up


Completed Phases

Phase Description Start Date Completion Date

Phase 1 Walkout 09/01/2022 10/30/2022

Phase 2 Design 11/1/2022 03/31/2023

Phase 3 Cabinet One 03/31/2023 10/15/2023

Phase 4 Cabinet Two 10/15/2023 11/1/2023

Phase 5 Cabinet Three 11/1/2023 11/20/2023

Phase 6 Cabinet Four 11/20/2023 12/27/2023

Contact List

Christopher Lord Government Partnerships 850-737-0098

Bob Frazer Construction 612-812-5116

Jason Janesich Area Operations 218-262-0005

Theresa Sunde Government Relations 507-837-4878

General Questions Support 850-934-2551


Fall is here and winter is right around the corner. Holiday parties, graduation parties, family get-togethers or meeting space, we have the facility to help you with your needs. If you would like rental information, please see our rental agreement located on our website: in "More" dropdown in the "Event Hall" tab or contact the Town Clerk at 218-525-4991

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