Annual Meeting

2021 Annual Meeting

  1. Next Town Line Trail Dusters monthly meeting will be held on April 6, 2021. We will be voting on officers and directors.

We will be Voting on Officers and Directors

Current Members who are volunteering for 2021-2022 season (and open seats that we could use help with). If you ever wanted to get involved with the sport we all love, contact anyone on the list below. We welcome new people with fresh ideas.

President: Scott Shibles

Vice President: David Murray

Secretary: Vacant

Treasure: Vacant (help from Peggy Pierce)

Trail Administrator: Peggy Pierce

Trail Master: Bryce Keaton

7 Directors as below

1. Corey Martin

2. Tom Gilmore

3. Bill Marcotte

4. Scott Hill

5. Will Swyers

6. David Pierce

Please Join us for appetizers and club meeting