Garbage Service for Union County

RESIDENTIAL: $35 per month for once a week pickup of household trash

COMMERCIAL: Contact us for a quote and further information

We operate in Union County, with some exceptions made primarily due to navigational difficulties and cost. Service is generally one day a week of household garbage for approximately 8 - 10 kitchen sized garbage bags. Other arrangements may be made by phone only for higher volume, large pickups and/or commercial accounts.

Garbage should be ready by 7:00am on the morning(s) of service and left until dark (unless notified differently by driver). We do not guarantee the time of day. If not picked up on the normal day, please have ready for the next day as well. In the event of the transfer station closing or unforeseen circumstances, we will make every effort to pick up the next day or later in the week.

Please see the UC Transfer Station for information as well at and for any recyclables. TGS does not handle recyclables at this time. We do not pick up yard clippings, gas or tires.

All trash should be in a container provided by the customer and any boxes broken down flat. In addition, sharp objects should be boxed, sealed and labeled to prevent driver injury.

Our drivers must be able to lift over the gate of the truck as it is done by hand, not machine. We do not pick up loose trash due to liability and fines.

Containers & Animals:

We recommend animal proof containers and/or latches as we know how creative bears and other animals can get in our area. We are not responsible for animal activity nor can we pick up any loose /torn trash or bags. In addition, the DNR recommends spraying with Lysol, Pine Sol or Ammonia on bags & containers to keep animals away. Moth balls can also be used to deter animals. We have seen great success with outdoor containers with latching lids such as the ones in our photos below (used by actual customers) and the Strong Strap Latch seen below as recommended by others.

Please have the container located at the end of the driveway for all residential customers (unless TGS has notified you of different arrangements) where the truck can get up to the container without any obstructions. Containers should not be near homes or any other obstructions due to liability issues.

Please see the following link: TGS Billing & Garbage Guidelines and email us* for any billing questions or call us at 706.897.6066.

*If any issue is time sensitive, please call us even if an email is sent as well.