About Us

Tony's Garbage Service

Established 1998

As the longest running garbage service business in Union County, we are proud to call it home. We are a small, family owned & operated business. The business was inherited from Tony Burrell by his son, Jackson, upon his passing in 2016. It has grown from one driver and a truck, to three drivers with three trucks. It's always an adventure navigating the narrow back roads and mountains of our beautiful terrain, but we're blessed with many customers that still provide a friendly greeting and support.

Tony's sister, Judy Spiva, was the office manager for many years and recently passed away this July. Her husband, Eddy, continues to be a driver. We've had to make changes and appreciate the understanding our customers have shown us all, even the kind words on bills or notes sent. We may not get to thank you individually, but it has been noted and passed along to her family.

We have been steadily upgrading our software and system, but it is not a quick task. We do appreciate your time and now have the ability to email invoices. Direct, online bill payment is available for emailed invoices. We operate in Union County with few exceptions that are primarily due to navigational issues for our trucks and drivers.

Contact us when you need to "Talk Trash"!

We appreciate ya'll very much,


Jackson Burrell & Company