Health Care

We pay the world's highest health care costs, and in return, we receive some of the worst health care outcomes in the industrialized world. The solution to our broken health care system is Medicare for All.

What is the problem?

Americans pay the highest health care costs on the face of the Earth, and we get unacceptable results:

What is the solution?

Single payer, or Medicare for All, is the way to reduce costs, expand coverage and improve health outcomes. The cross-national evidence that single payer reduces cost is obvious, but we can also look at the variation in health systems here at home. The three single payer programs -- Medicare, Medicaid and the VA -- which take care of the sickest populations -- seniors, disabled and veterans -- have the lowest per capita health spending.

For-profit health insurance does not reduce costs or provide better health outcomes. Let's give ALL Americans access to something that works better than private insurance.

Make Illinois the first state in the nation to enact a single payer health care system, and people will start coming back to our state.