Together 4 Families

“Protecting Children is Everybody’s Business”

Together 4 Families is a community planning collaborative that focuses on meeting the needs of families with children in Bremer, Butler, Franklin, and Grundy Counties.

Together 4 Families participates in ongoing planning, with a focus on specific result areas for children which include:

  • Safety

  • Permanency

  • Academic Preparation and Skill Development

  • Child and Family Well-Being

  • Offender Rehabilitation

  • Community Safety

For each of those result areas, Together 4 Families identifies:

  • Existing Services

  • Gaps in Services

  • Innovative Approaches

  • Community Partners

  • Resources

Together 4 Families strives to maximize existing resources and access new resources so that the needs of families and children can be met to the greatest extent possible. Together 4 Families receives support and resources from the following:

  • Early Childhood Iowa (ECI)

  • Department of Human Services – Decategorization (Decat)

  • Community Partnerships for Protecting Children (CPPC)