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Hoagie Sale - November 2022

The hoagie sale will run from

Tuesday, November 1st through

Thursday, November 17th

Hoagie Pick-up - Thursday, Thursday December 1, 2022

Cafeteria from 4:00 - 5:30 pm

Please visit the Raise Right Fundraiser tab for updated information on this fundraiser and how to get the enrollment code to start saving money for your child's GSA!


To all volunteers and district employees who made this year's Band Festival a success!

Looking for a list of upcoming performances??

Be sure to check out our

2022 - 2023

Game / Festival / Parade Schedule Page

We love our PARENTS & all your support!

Please say you will Volunteer with us! We really need you!

The absolute best bands have the absolute best parent volunteers! Our goal is to involve every family in some manner. The more you invest, the more you will appreciate what outstanding work your children put into band and you also get to be part of the fun! There are almost infinite ways you can help!

Below you will find the three main categories of Volunteer Opportunities.

In each section you will see a more detailed list of which Committees exists so you can see where you can lend your time and talents.

Please let a board member know if you have any questions or would like to volunteer for a Committee Lead Position or volunteer to work within one of the Committees. Thank you so much!

Help run programs or coordinate the general needs of our Band Patrons. The position might run either throughout the year or just a onetime event.

Help run one fundraiser. Very often they last only a few weeks with your work coming at the beginning and the end.

This is our LARGEST fundraiser of the year! We need LOTS and LOTS of hands and talent to make this successful. We encourage you to invited family and friends to volunteer on this event and on this day!

One Call Alerts - Notification System

Communication is vital to the success of our band. We currently use the One Call system which will alert you to important notifications and information such as Call Times, must read emails and more!

To be added to our One Call Alert System - Please text the word "ALERT" to 22300.

Hey fellow Amazon shoppers!!

Did you know that when you shop using AmazonSmile, Amazon will donate a half-percent of each purchase to a charity of your choice?

NOW you can choose US as your charity and your Amazon purchases will directly benefit the TJ Band Patrons in donation money! AmazonSmile is a simple way for you to support us every time you shop, at no cost to you!

Here’s how to get started:

1. Click the link below to select us. You can use your existing Amazon credentials. If you don’t have an account, you can create a new one.

2. Start shopping. After you’ve chosen us as your charity - your shopping experience will be the same as it is on the Amazon website. Remember, purchases on the main site do not support us so please bookmark for the future.

3. Spread the word. Once you’ve checked out, Amazon makes it easy to spread the news to your friends through Facebook and Twitter. Please be sure to let everyone know you've supported TJ Band Patrons.

Click here to learn more about

"Paw-Some" Jaguar Pride


Do you need the link to our Band Banquet Photo booth?

TJ Band Banquet 2022 - Ace Entertainment and Photography LLC (

You're welcome.


The SCRIP Gift Card Program is NOW called


Click here for more information


Important Reminders

Band Assessment Fee - $75 is due by August 31st.

If you have funds in your goal setting account (GSA) and your assessment is not paid by September 1st, the assessment fee will automatically be deducted from your GSA.

Any assessment fees not paid as of September 1st will have a $10 per month late fee added until fully paid.

Please place in an envelope in the band room in the box marked Assessment fee.

Band Patron Membership - $5 per membership is due by November 1st.

If you have not signed up by that date, the fee is raised to $10.00 per person.

Please place in an envelope in the band room in the box marked Membership.

2020-2021 Pictures Online

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2019-2020 Highlight Video

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Senior Recognition 2019-2020 Slideshow

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Virtual Band Banquet Program 2019-2020

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