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Community Member's Show Guide

the Tinkering With Tech show

Michael and Heather have worked together over the years in one way or another always helping others get the most out of technology. In the spring of 2017, they began co-hosting the Tinkering with Tech show and providing a private space, a community, for folks to dive deeper into the tech they need to improve their businesses and online needs.

The goal was simple - help as many people as possible and have fun doing it!

Upcoming episode and all past shows:

Check out the video to sneak a peak in the Private community

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archived exclusively for members

  • DAILY TIPS - quick and informative, recorded live with members - access to over 600 tips currently in the archives

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  • TINKERING WITH TECH SHOW - Wednesdays at 5 pm EDT

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  • NETWORKING - connect with other small business owners who enjoy tinkering with tech.

  • COMMUNITY - a private group to connect with members and the hosts anytime.

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