prescribed burn

Site Preparation

Site preparation prescriptions are based on a stand by stand basis that evaluates existing competition, debris on site, and soil.

Generally, site preparation follows a harvesting operation where the merchantable trees have been removed through a logging operation.

Areas that have lost the majority of their desirable vegetation are prime candidates for site preparation prior to reforestation.

Site preparation may be necessary when converting pastures or cropland back to trees or woody shrubs.

understory burning

Understory burning prescriptions involve fire ignited under the forest canopy that focuses on the consumption of surface fuels but not the overstory vegetation.

Primarily, this type of burn controls understory growth and elminiates unwanted woody vegetation.

Understory burning is generally used following a pre-treatment such as thinning and /or pile burning to further reduce the surface fuels, help maintain the desired vegetation conditions and enhance the overall health and resiliency of the stand.