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Site Preparation:

  • Treating the land to improve planting conditions, encourage germination of seed or growth of seedlings, and promote survival of desired species.


  • Creates a raised bed of soil on which seedlings are planted; improves conditions, reduces plant competition, and makes planting easier.


  • a large rolling-drum chopper is pulled over brush and small diameter trees, crushing woody vegetation; minimizes soil loss and protects against erosion. Often paired with burning and herbicidal application.

Disking (Harrowing):

  • performed on sheared or raked sites, pastureland, or sites relatively clear of trees and logging debris in order to loosen soil and expose roots of undesired vegetation.

Herbicides - Chemical Site Prep:

  • site specific on the species to be controlled, soils, proximity to streams and sensitivity of adjacent vegetation; most often paired with burning and planting.

Herbicides - Herbaceous Weed Control:

  • Timber Stand Improvement and Woody Release - spray to maintain and improve stand after planting.


  • usually follows shearing and is used to push vegetation and other debris into the tract in piles or windrows.


  • best applied for high erosive sites where residual debris can aid in stabilizing soil and retain vital nutrients for tree survival and growth.


  • prepares sites where vegetation is 4 - 6 inches in diameter or larger; conducted along contour to reduce soil erosion.


  • may expose sufficient mineral soil to enhance natural reforestation of certain species; most often paired with prescribed burning.