Crowds roar for "Tiger Livy"!

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I had Leukemia as a child and am now in remission. Not a lot of people understand how hard it is, especially young children. This book is perfect for children to help them understand the experience of living with disease. I loved the story and the main character, Livy. She is a role model for young children suffering from disease.

Jake Dvorak, High School Student and Childhood Leukemia Survivor

This book is a treasure for any child and family coping with a diagnosis. I was rooting for Tiger Livy all the way through.

Shannon Malloy, Development and Operations Manager at Cure JM Foundation

This beautiful book made me smile the whole time! Referring to fighting an illness as being brave like a tiger gave me new words to use during my daily interactions with young patients fighting illnesses. It put real words to real feelings chronically ill children have and perfectly describes what it is for them to be brave!

Nicole Pardon, BA, Certified Child Life Specialist

I know the difficulties these young patients often face. Reading this book made me smile. It is amazing to see a product that can help share this experience from a child's perspective. All patients with a diagnosis of Juvenile Dermatomyositis or any chronic disease would benefit from reading this book as a reminder that this is a long road to recovery, but the final goal can be achieved.

Dr. Nikita Goswami, MD specializing in Pediatric Rheumatology

I have worked with children with chronic disease, specifically hematology, oncology and rheumatology patients for over 18 years, and the stress of treatments can almost be as difficult as the disease at times. This story addresses not only the physical but also the emotional distress that kids with chronic illness face, as well as discusses the recovery.

Rachel Hernandez, RN

Livy's health strategies are inspirational and powerful to both children and adults and a great example about facing adversity. This book should be in every classroom, doctor's office, book store, and home!

Janet Dieterle, M.Ed., Co-Author of "Nobody's Perfect: Living and Growing with Children Who Have Special Needs"

This book focuses on actions the child and their family can take during the difficult times of dealing with a chronic illness. By empowering the main character to identify what she could do, “Tiger Livy” will empower so many children to do the same.

Dr. Hovig K Artinian, MD, MAT, FAAP

This book will help a lot of other kids with a sickness get through tough times. I had Rhabdomyosarcoma so I know how it feels to get treatment done. It is not the greatest experience, but at the end of the day, it helped me get better. This story shows how brave young Livy is!

Jazlean Vega, High School Student and Rhabdomyosarcoma Survivor

"Tiger Livy" relays the seriousness of illness and the challenges that come with it, and yet also showed a young child's strength and courage to overcome that. This book is great for all children - it validates and empowers those experiencing a similarly challenging chronic illness. Hopefully it will also teach children without this kind of illness gratitude for their own health/well-being and empathy for others experiencing illness.

Ashley Dockter, Master of Public Health and wellness advocate

Anyone can benefit from reading this story. It's about facing challenges with compassion and love! We all want to feel accepted and when we don't, we struggle. I love Livy and her honest feelings as well as the special bond between her and Papa.

Jill Harold, coauthor of "Hip Hop Hooray for Brooklynn!", founder of Clubfoot C.A.R.E.S., and elementary school teacher