The Tiger Livy Project

What: #tigerlivyproject is project for everyone! Share strength and inspiration online by celebrating your favorite art.

Why?: Community is a powerful source of insight and peace. When we share inspiration, we support those in need and the artists who created it.

Who?: Anyone who has suffered and found healing from the arts.


1. Post a picture of any inspiring art (book/poem/picture/etc.) on your social media page

(if you’re a kid, get parent permission first!).

2. Explain in 1-3 sentences why it helped you find strength and healing.

Don't be afraid to give a shout out to the artist, too!

3. Include #tigerlivyproject

*If your #tigerlivyproject post gets 80 likes or more, send us a screen shot and we will send a copy of "Tiger Livy" to the Children’s Hospital of your choice, dedicated in your honor.

P.S.-Your post does not have to be of “Tiger Livy”, but we would love it more if it is! 😉

** Proceeds from your purchase of "Tiger Livy" go to the Cure JM Foundation.