I say Your elected representative should represent what you and the majority in the electorate want ... not what the representative, or their party, or donors or mates want. To make this happen the Dickson Representatives have developed a non-political mechanism to effectively inform the elected Member for Dickson of how the voters want them to vote on Bills in Parliament. For details see www.dicksonreps.net

If I was elected I’m legally guaranteeing Democracy by signing a Statutory Declaration, to represent what the voters of Dickson want, or resign.

Thor Prohaska


Community Representative

Bill Representative

Home Location - Lawnton

About Me

I was born & raised in North Queensland, lived in Victoria, NSW, & SA. Never been overseas. Worked as a labourer, public servant, sales representative, taxi driver, and for most of my career, IT. I've lived in the electorate of Dickson for 18 years raising a family of 4.

I've been concerned about the lack of Democracy in Australia for many decades. From as early as I can remember I have sensed that there was something not right about how Australia was run. This lead me to seek what the problem actually was and what could be done to fix it. My day job is to analyse complex systems to find issues, problems & defects and to propose solutions to fix these. I've used this ability, to analyse our democracy and the conclusion I have come to is that we are missing a key element of what makes a democracy a democracy. That is that when push comes to shove the majority of voters in each electorate must have the final say on how their elected representatives vote in parliament. The sad fact is that there are no real democracies anywhere in the world. All the so called democracies are in fact Oligarchies, which is govt run by the few for the few. And simple reality is that the Oligarchs and their supporters who benefit from the status quo have no incentive to support real democracy. In fact they strive at every turn to block anything that benefits the majority and threatens their power to take what is not rightly theirs at our expense. The only way this is going to change is when enough of us get off our backsides and make it happen. Australia's future is up to you.

I have stood for elected office 6 times since 2013. In 2016 & 2019 I was the Independent Candidate for Dickson. With this experience behind me and the insights I've gained in looking for a solution to our lack of democracy I have come up with a plan that blends the best aspects of direct & representative democracy. To implement this plan to give every Australian a Voice To Parliament I founded the Dickson Representatives network to prove in the electorate of Dickson that this can be done. The proof will be in the election of a truly democratic voice for the voters of Dickson to the Federal Parliament of Australia. If we can do it here then we can roll it out to the rest of Australia. Remember, that in the 1800's Australia was a leader in democratic innovations such as the secret ballot and giving women the vote & the right to stand for parliament. We've led before and we can do it again. There is no one person or group who has all the answers to all the challenges we face. But when we all work together then I say we do have all the answers to all these challenges. We must take action now before it is too late! No one else will do it for us!

The organised political gangs have got the current electoral game sewn up. We can't beat them at their own game. But we can change the game by raising an army of voters who will work together to put policy before party in the national interest. We need your help in Dickson to do this so we can show Australia and the world that there is a practical path back to real democracy.

Represention History

Candidate for elected office:

President Mount Hotham Boardriders

Victorian Delegate Snowboard Federation of Australia

Founder & President Snowboard Riders of Victoria

Representative Victorian Public Service Credit Union

Patrol Leader Collinsville Scouts