Symmetries, topology and entanglement in quantum systems

《千里之行,始于足下》(The longest journey begins with a single step) 

Welcome to the homepage of my research group "Symmetries, topology and entanglement in quantum systems" at the University of Melbourne. I am Thomas Quella and I am a Mathematical Physicist working at the School of Mathematics and Statistics. My main research interests are strongly correlated quantum systems, e.g. 2D conformal field theories, topological quantum matter, generalized symmetries and aspects of string theory. My work frequently touches representation theoretic questions, especially in the context of finite and infinite dimensional Lie (super)algebras, categorical symmetries, diagram algebras and quantum groups. More recently, I am also interest in theoretical aspects of quantum computing and machine learning, especially singular learning theory.

I am a member of the School's research group "Mathematical Physics". Besides I am the coordinator for the faculty's major in Mathematical Physics and member of the School's Undergraduate Study Committee as well as mentor in the faculty's Academic Advising program.

My group currently consists of

PhD students

MSc students

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