The Weather Observer

Enjoy tracking the weather with The Weather Observer

Get your own Weather Observer for $399, plus shipping. 

No subscriptions, no sensors to mount.  

Monitor the barometric pressure while also tracking the latest local and national radar, satellite, weather maps and charts for hobbyists and professionals. Also keep a close eye on the temperature and wind from any 3 locations. All on a beautiful 10" table top touchscreen display.

There are several images that you can choose to display in a continuous loop. You can turn all of them on, or display just one or two. There are images for the hobbyist and the professional weather observer. You can track lightning strikes, check out the latest  balloon sounding, or just watch the clouds go by. As the weather changes, you can change which images to display.

This is a recent picture of the barograph trace from The Weather Observer in Portland, Maine. You'll be accurately monitoring the barometric pressure on this beautiful display as storms approach your location.

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