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Fall Play 2019- Dracula

Directed by: Rosemary Willenbring and Monte Mason

Student Director: Jasmine Kelly

Adapted from the Bram Stoker novel

Participation is open to those in Grades 5-10, and others on a case by case basis.

Before there was Twilight, there was Dracula. Come join us as we take a trip through through the world of Count Dracula, Johnathan Harker, Meena Murray, Lucy Westenra, Dr. Seward, Dr. Van Helsing and many others. From the mountains of Transylvania to the countryside of London, will our heroes succeed in defeating the villain? Will they succumb to the power of Dracula? Come audition and find out! Synopsis from the novel below.


  • Tuesday September 17th 6-8pm
  • Thursday September 19th 6-8pm
  • Auditions can also be arranged by appointment-
  • email ThespiansTheatreMN@gmail.com to arrange a time

Rehearsals will be Monday, Tuesday and Thursday evenings 6-8pm at St. Martin's by the Lake- 2801 Westwood Road, Minnetonka Beach, MN 55361

Performances will be:

Friday November 15th @7pm and Saturday November 16th @2pm

There is a participation fee of $150. No one is turned away based on ability to pay and a sliding scale is available. Please check out our Pricing page, or email us, for more details.


Jonathan Harker travels to Castle Dracula in Transylvania to conclude a real estate transaction. On the way, the locals warn him about Dracula- which he quickly brushes off as "the mere superstitions of peasants." However, after only a few days with the count, Harker realizes that he is the Count's prisoner.

During his imprisonment, Harker realizes that the Count possesses supernatural powers and diabolical ambitions. Fearing for his life, Harker attempts to escape from the castle and disappears.

Meanwhile, Meena Murray, corresponds and visits with her friend Lucy Westenra at the seaside town of Whitby. A Russian ship is wrecked on the shore near the town with all its crew missing and its captain, dead. The only sign of life aboard is a large dog that bounds ashore and disappears into the countryside; the only cargo is a set of fifty boxes of earth shipped from Castle Dracula. Not long after, Lucy suddenly begins sleepwalking. One night, Meena finds Lucy in the town cemetery. Afterwards, Lucy becomes pale and ill, and she finds two tiny red marks on her throat. In search of answers, Dr. Seward sends for an expert in the unexplained, Dr Van Helsing.

At the same time, Harker reappears in the city of Budapest and Meena goes to join him. Van Helsing arrives in Whitby, and immediately orders that her chambers be covered with garlic. For a time, this effort seems to stave off Lucy’s illness. She begins to recover, but her mother, unaware of the garlic’s power, unwittingly removes the plants from the room.

Seward and Van Helsing spend several days trying to revive Lucy. Their efforts ultimately come to nothing. One night, the men momentarily let down their guard, and a wolf breaks into the Westenra house. The shock gives Lucy’s mother a fatal heart attack, and the wolf attacks Lucy, killing her.

After Lucy’s death, Van Helsing convinces the others that Lucy has been transformed into a vampire. The men are unconvinced until they see Lucy preying on a defenseless child. Only then do they agree to follow the ritual of vampire slaying. While the undead Lucy sleeps, a stake is plunged through her heart. Afterwards they pledge to destroy Dracula himself.

Now married, Meena and Jonathan return to England to discover Lucy's fate. Meena helps Van Helsing collect the various diary and journal entries that have been written, attempting to find the count. Learning all they can of Dracula’s affairs, Van Helsing and his band track down the boxes of earth that the count uses as a sanctuary. Their efforts seem to be going well, but then one of Dr. Seward’s mental patients, Renfield, lets Dracula into the asylum where the others are staying, allowing the Count to prey upon Meena.

As Meena begins the slow change into a vampire, the group track down Dracula, forcing him to flee to the safety of Transylvania. The group divides their forces and track him across the continent finally reaching the Castle and preventing the Count from seeking refuge in his home. The others catch up with the count just in time for Jonathan to kill him.

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