On this page you will be able to view recordings TPLD Presents webinars where we host Q&A sessions with working L&D (Learning & Development) professionals, career coaches, hiring managers, and others who might be helpful for our members in their efforts to transition out of teaching and into L&D. 

2022 and 2023 TPLD Presents (Current Series)

Instructional Design Across Industries with Tyler Brodess, McKenzie Day, Ken Garcia, and Alejandro Ruelas Garcia

This TPLD PRESENTS webinar session is designed to help teachers envision what instructional design looks like across industries such as tech, retail, and travel. During this session, we talked about a typical ID day, working with SMEs, and project management in ID. We delved into the question "What does an instructional designer do?"

This event was produced by Alison Sollars.

Ask a Hiring Manager with Laurel Schulert

This TPLD PRESENTS webinar session is designed to help teachers looking to move to L&D roles, particularly instructional design. During this session, Laurel shares her experiences as a hiring manager to help identify the gaps for upskilling, challenges teachers may face, and tips to support teachers in their success at transitioning. 

This event was produced by Alison Sollars.

Q&A with Sara Stevick

Teaching: A Path to L&D hosts a free webinar on a variety of topics in Devlin Peck's free ID Community! In this first installment, we tackled general questions related to Instructional Design, transitioning from teaching into instructional design, and other L&D questions in a casual, conversational setting.

This event was hosted by Ricky Fisher, featuring Sara Stevick, and had live mentoring at tables.