Welcome to all members seeking to learn and all who want to help support K12/Higher Ed professionals transition to jobs in L&D! 

Alert: PLEASE NOTE: No one from Teaching: A Path to Learning and Development (TPLD) will ever ask for any money or credit card number!  If they do, they are NOT affiliated with the TPLD initiative, and we kindly ask that you please report any such activity to transitioningtoid@gmail.com so it can be addressed.

TPLD Mission and Vision

We are a community of practice for teachers moving to L&D and others interested in L&D community building. Our mission is to support K12 and higher education teachers for FREE as they navigate transitioning out of teaching and into the field of Learning and Development (currently with a focus on Instructional Design). 

To do this, we offer: 

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A welcome from Sara Stevick, TPLD founder:

Sara's Message: In a quotation, next to a picture of TPLD founder, Sara Stevick, the text says, "This all started because of what I experienced when I decided to change careers from teaching to instructional design. When I first started looking at other possible options, I encountered a lot of obstacles that made me doubt myself, my abilities, and my resolve to do so. These obstacles included pressure to feel guilty for "wanting to leave the children," individuals/programs offering to "help" but only for the "low low cost" of way more money than I had to spend, and being told I was "just a teacher." I wanted to offer teachers who were interested in this transition a different experience, one full of love, support, and compassion, where we focus on building each other up and learning together how to overcome these obstacles without putting ourselves into more debt than we already are."

We know there are many barriers teachers encounter: 

Guilt and Uncertainty: "I always wanted to be a teacher, I love teaching, and I love the kids..." I know you do. So did I! But if you want to know more about changing careers from teaching to instructional design for whatever reason, we are here to help for free. You are not "less than" or a "bad person" for wanting to do something new.  Any other professional would not be looked at twice for wanting to career switch, so please do not let others guilt you into staying if you're ready for something new. 

Little Resources for Costly Programs: There is no catch, no "Well, here is my first session for free, but if you want to know more...". TPLD is a fully volunteer group that does not sell anything! There are many people who are willing to help those in their journey for free, or for a reasonable price (though TPLD will never collect any money from you), and this resource is designed to help guide you to those resources so you can decide what is best for your journey. There is no one way to become an L&D professional or instructional designer--in fact, you have already been doing most of the work of an ID during your time as a teacher (though it is very important to note there is a learning curve, and you will have to put in the effort to fill those knowledge gaps, but it is possible, and it is possible for free.

Imposter Syndrome or Struggling with Self-Worth: You have A LOT to offer, and we see you! And guess what?! So do many other people, including hiring managers!

So, if this is something you've always wanted to learn more about, we're here to help. There is no commitment you have to make, or decision you have to make other than to yourself. We are just here to provide the details, judgement (and payment) free. 

Looking forward to getting to know you! Select the button below to meet the rest of our current team. 

--Sara Stevick and the Team at TPLD 

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Resume Samples

View samples of resumes that former teachers used to land careers in L&D! Need help with your resume? Look for our mentoring sessions to help workshop resumes or ask for help in the community on #WAYWO Wednesdays. 

An image of Karthick Richard, the creator of the ID Transition Tool Kit. He updated it for 2023.

ID Transition Tool Kit

While not technically TPLD's material, we're HUGE fans of Karthick Richard's ID Transition Tool Kit! With Karthick's toolkit, you can quickly research and compare different offerings available from a third-party learning enthusiast.  

And More Resources!

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