Plague of Corruption by Mikovits

Judy Mikovits and Kent Heckenlively

Reviewer: Rebecca: June 2020

This is a book about vaccination, how vaccines are created from animal tissue and injected into us, (or we breathe them in unknowingly from minute aeroscopic particles). How we actually don’t understand what they do, so theories such as, overloading the body, weakening it and bringing to it in this weakened state diseases such as cancer, autism, Chronic Fatigue System, Ebola – are plausible. But to even suggest such a thing brings the threat of a heavy law suite, ostracism from science and even murder. Considering the huge sums of money involved in medical science, it is actually not surprising. However, the enfoced silence is more insidious, more fundamental, it is the fear of speaking out against the crowd, that is the real silencer.

Mikovits' own story is a roller coaster, and we meet again in the book Andrew Wakefield (so denigrated in the UK for his theories on autism) and others who suffered even worse fates.

Mikovits and co worker Frank Ruscetti discovered a virus related to murine leukaemia viruses which they called XMRV (RV retro virus). They found XMRV in in children with autism, cancer and ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) patients. The significance for them was to detect XMRV in blood supplies and clean the blood supplies to make it safe for transfusions, which they managed to do. But here they ran into problems of rival products and law suits.

What I found alarming is the active research carried out into animal ‘improvements’ in the form of vaccination, that many researchers are involved in and how these can plausibly cross over into humans, and also how medical science is so strongly tied to funding, to the huge grants funds, some private some public, some a mixture. Scientists in America are highly paid and there are also prizes.

Mikovits lists all the diseases that derive from animals: anthrax, bird flue, bovine tuberculosis, dengue fever, Ebola, encephalitis, hepatitis E, Lyme disease, malaria, rabies, ringworm to name but a few.

At the end of the book she gives a few hints on how to stay healthy, the main thing is to be healthy, a strong immune system is your best friend, and you get it from being fit, eating healthy fats and not being overweight.

There are few other easy tips in the book which is hurriedly written, desperately needs an index and you may find the author (to our English ears), muddled and self important, but I read it in two days (though don’t test me on the science) and will say it is a very, very important book. It is frightening the vaccination programme and foolhardy, especially in countries and populations I know nothing about (Africa, South America, Asia) and I don’t thing the vaccinators do either.