The ICCA has collected many resources for our chess coaches by our chess coaches. We've assembled the various resources on the following pages:

  • Links - A huge collections of links to other chess websites, equipment suppliers, organizations, and more.
  • Documents - Printable documents including match score sheets, notation sheets, rulebooks, and more.
  • Chess Clocks - A listing of all the chess clocks commonly found around Illinois with pros/cons, price ranges, and links to user manuals and videos on how to use them.
  • Teaching Chess - A page with a plethora of printable lessons, manuals, and suggested resources that coaches and players can use to teach and learn chess.
  • Chess Clubs - A list of chess clubs in Illinois
  • Host a Tournament - A page dedicated to helping coaches host an ICCA tournament. Contains setup information, personnel recommendations, and anything else someone would need to organize an ICCA chess tournament.
  • New Teams & Coaches - A page for coaches and teams new to chess or just new to Illinois chess.
  • ICCA Newsletter - A form to subscribe to the ICCA newsletter and an archive of all past ICCA newsletters.
  • TD Files - A source for files needed to Direct ICCA Tournaments including Player lists, Team lists, signs, and more.