Welcome to The Food Court. We are a sister mag for The Maul Magazine. We publish folks under the age of 15 (14 and under). 

This endeavour started as something called "New Talent" on our website. We switched over to this site and gave it a new name to clarify that the guidelines, expectations, and resources for people publishing in this format are completely different from our other magazine. The purpose of this particular site is to teach kids a little about the publishing process and give them some insights into how it all works while also offering an opportunity to publish something that may not find a home elsewhere.

We publish a maximum of one Food Court story per reading period.  Reading period dates and information on compensation can be found in our submission guidelines section.

Which leads to our first lesson for new writers. You can submit to us and still choose not to publish with us if you're the chosen submission for that reading period. Some websites and magazine have a higher payrate that The Food Court. If we like your story, we'll still edit it and give some feedback, and you can then choose to hold onto it for more money elsewhere. But if you decide instead it fits best with us, then we'll throw it into our stories section.