Strength and Conditioning Program

Every member gets a comprehensive and individualized program set for their specific needs. Everyone responds to exercise differently and therefore need a program that fits their body type, energy demands, nutrition, injury history, and daily activities or movement patterns. 

Each member gets a live document that keeps an overall record of physical activity. 

The live document has a macro calendar (year+ long sheet) and a meso calendar (4-8 week long sheet) to show both short and long term progress of the individual over time. The love document allows for seamless communication between client and coach. 

Rehab/Sports Medicine

Therapeutic Massage and Body Work

Anthony uses a wide range of techniques to release tension and restore the body back to balance from myofacial release, accupressure, trigger point, rolfing, etc. 

Corrective Exercise

Everyone has asymmetry or imbalances in their body. Once we reduce pain, active recovery through corrective exercise, therefore reprogramming the nervous system is the only way to keep the pain at bay long term. 

Stretch Session

We typically do not think of stretching as activity. It is always the time to relax at the end of a hard workout. When we spend most of our workout in the middle ranges of our full range of motion, we strengthen a shortened position. It is vital to stretch these very strong short ranges in order to keep joint integrity and elasticity in our muscles. A focused stretch session can help rebalance the tension along muscle groups for proper movement efficiency.

Muscle Recovery Stimulation

Anthony uses the leader in muscle stimulation recovery, the Marc Pro.