Why Submit?

Having your paper published in the journal has multiple benefits:

  • It acts as both a valuable resume-builder and a way to differentiate yourself from applicants in your field.

  • It allows you to share your research internationally and be recognized in a prestigious journal.

  • It provides an opportunity to have your work peer-reviewed, opening you to the experience of the process and ensuring your research is as high-quality as possible.

How to Submit

Submissions for Vol. IX (2022-2023 Edition) are now open! Please use the following link and provide all the necessary information to submit your paper:

Feel free to reach out to if you have any questions!

Submissions are now open for The Developing Economist Vol. IX 2022-2023 Edition!

Submission Guidelines

We accept submissions of academic papers from the fields of Economics, Finance, Mathematics, and Public Policy authored or co-authored by current undergraduate students or recent graduates (less than 12 months from graduation date) from any appropriately-accredited foreign or domestic institution.

First-round submissions may be in any format, but editing should be expected upon acceptance. At this stage, each paper will be reviewed briefly by a member of our staff. A few things to note regarding your submission:

  • The suggested length is no less than 5 pages and no more than 100 pages, including references and appendices

  • Submissions must include a short abstract or executive summary

  • We do our best to keep your name and institutional affiliation confidential throughout the process until publication

The second round includes an in-depth review by a UT faculty member in your research area. ​The third round includes additional review by our editorial staff, with the capacity for collaboration to ensure the highest quality in your paper. You will be contacted promptly if your paper is to proceed through each round.