Observatory Photos

Imaging the Night Sky

The night of 20-21 January 2020 resulted in 11.5 hours of imaging time, woot! Luckily everything was online and capturing photons the entire evening with only a few minor tracking issues. Here is an image of the Sky Watcher Esprit 120 in action. Imaging your setup also helps you resolve extraneous light sources around your scope, as you can see.
Tech Specs: Canon 6D, Samyang 14 mm lens, ISO 3200, 13 seconds. Image Date: 20 Jan 2020. Location: The Dark Side Observatory, Weatherly, PA, USA.

Capturing Flat Files

If you know what I am doing in this photo, welcome to Main Street in Nerdsville my friend. 

Selfie in the Observatory Imaging Saturn 

A quick selfie while imaging Saturn back in August. Saturn was just making it up and over the south facing wall. 

Winter Stars Over the Dark Side Observatory 

I don't always retreat to the house when the clouds roll in, sometimes they add a nice effect to wide-field shots. Here is one using the Lensbaby fisheye lens. Tech Specs: Canon 6D, Lensbaby Fisheye, ISO 3200, 25 seconds. Date: February 4, 2019. Location: The Dark Side Observatory, Weatherly, PA, USA.