Stream Crawl Instructions

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Once WinAMP is installed onto the streaming computer. Install AMIP

Once AMIP is installed, open WinAMP and open Preferences, Right Click > Options > Preferences .

Under Plug-ins, find General Purpose, and Select Advanced mIRC Integration Plug-in.

Select Configure Settings, a dialog should pop-up Check "Write song info in file".

Configure the text to say what ever you'd like in the "Play", "Pause", "Stop", and "Exit".

Create a Notepad (text) file to link to. Once created Browse for the File Location. Make sure to save the file in the correct encoding format. (Default ANSI)

In WinAMP, Click on "Online Services", Shoutcast should be open. Type in "TheCCRadio" Scroll down and Press the "Play" button.

To bookmark CCRadio, open "History".

Right-Click the song that was recently played on the CCRadio > Send To: > Add to bookmarks.

Open your Broadcasting software and select Add Source (Text file).

Assign the Text file you made as the source being added (Changes with Broadcasting Service).

Right Click and open Properties, and add Scroll. Check Limit Width, and Loop. Set scrolling speed to your desired speed.