Welcome to TheCCRadio,

TheCCRadio is a shoutcast that was originally created for game streamers to have good background music that wouldn't be flagged for 3rd party content when videos were exported to youtube. As such TheCCRadio plays music all registered under the Creative Commons Licenses of Attribution and ShareAlike. What this means is that the music we play is free for use in your projects as long as you attribute the artist and share your contents under the same licenses. On top of our offering of the music through our shoutcast we try to have a good relationship with the artists we play. What that means for our users is the ability to quickly overturn any erroneous 3rd party content flag that arises due to a content ID system.

TheCCRadio is run by like minded volunteers who wish to provide streamers with our product as well as promote the artists which we play. TheCCRadio does not look to profit off our offerings. Any money we do obtain goes directly to improving the ability to provide the best possible outlet for our artists as well as the best possible functionality for our users.

Feel free to follow us on twitter, subscribe to us on youtube, and share us with your friends. Every like, follow, subscription, and share helps to further the cause that is TheCCRadio.

On our Facebook and twitter you will find updates In regards to what we’re doing, new artists, scheduled maintenance, tips, and many other informative offerings

On our youtube channel you'll find a playlist with all of the songs that we host, Guides on how to do things for streams, and many other awesome offerings.

Thank you for your time.