The Christian Community is anchored in the spiritual world by the seven sacraments in a renewed form. Like a window allowing the light to shine into a house, the sacraments make it possible for the spirit of Christ to cross the threshold separating the super-sensible and sense perceptible worlds, illuminating and blessing the lives of human beings.

The Act of Consecration of Man

is the heart of sacramental life. It is a renewal of the archetypal form of early Christian worship, the Eucharist.


receives the child into the religious community, represented particularly by the godparents. It brings Christ’s power of growth and transformation into the soul and body of the incarnating child.


takes place at the age of 14, as a rite of passage bringing Christ’s light and strength to young human beings as they are blessed and burdened by puberty’s gifts and begin to seek their own path into life.

Sacramental Consultation (by request and confidential)

is religious counseling for one’s life destiny and supports individual efforts to take responsibility for life.

The Last Anointing

gives an individual spiritual strength to face the crisis at the threshold between the world of earth and heaven.

Sacrament of Ordination

The sacraments are performed by a priest through the power conferred by the Sacrament of Ordination. From its beginning, the Christian Community has ordained both men and women.


blesses the resolve of a man and woman to share community of life, supported by two chosen witnesses who represent the community and its intention to accompany, support and bless what two free individuals resolve.