What an amazing jubilation proceeds the emergence of the morning Sun! From the North to the South, in nearly all places of the world, the song of joy, the song of life arises with the sound of the waking birds - proclaiming the coming of the new day. This upheaval moves ahead of the first rays of the rising Sun ever further from the East to the West, around the entire planet. Thus the Earth herself sings the elated Hymn of gratitude to the emerging new day, transforming the darkness and silence of the night.

Early in the morning of the First day of the week, the women went to the tomb – filled with sadness and confusion - and they found it empty. “See, there where you laid him there is only an empty space” – says the young man in white robes – an angel – who, as the first one proclaims the Gospel - the Evangel - the Message of the Angels – to human beings of the Earth. For on this Sunday – on the first day of the New Creation – the Spiritual Sun rises from the Grave of the Earth and goes ahead of His creation. From the darkness of the limitations of the physical world, He goes ahead of us to Galilee – to the land of Life, where we will see Him – as he has promised His disciples.

And just as it is the task of the birds to proclaim the glory of the rising Sun, so now we, Human Beings, receive a task, which we are to fulfill on our way to Galilee: “Go in all the world and proclaim the Word, which sounds from the Sphere of the Angels to the Earth with all her creatures.”

What is this Word, which shall spirit-wakened issue from our mouth, in the darkness of the world?

It says that we, that the entire creation - have future, even if we are not able to see it with our eyes, which originate in the light of the physical Sun. He, the Risen One goes in the Spirit before us, permeating the darkness of the physical world. And it is out of the substance of His Warmth, of His Love, that we can grow new eyes, with which we will be able to see Him in Galilee – in the sphere of the germinating Life forces.

After all, “It is only with the heart that one can see rightly; what is essential is invisible to the eye”.

Rev. Rafal Nowak

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