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Medical malpractice, vehicular accidents, slip and fall injuries, and work injuries due to occupational safety violations are some of the reasons why residents of Okatie, South Carolina experience painful and life-changing injuries.

According to a news article, South Carolina ranked as the third deadliest state for the total number of car crashes.

When an accident happens to you, you need a personal injury lawyer to help you with your needs.

The Brown Firm represents a wide range of people who are seeking professional and experienced legal services to fight for them.

So you may be asking what exactly is a personal injury lawyer?


A personal injury lawyer is responsible for suing the other party for their negligence which led to the injury.

Being involved in an accident can drain your pockets dry. Because of this, our expert Okatie attorneys will fight for you so that you may receive the maximum amount of money for your financial recovery.

But don't just take our word for it, below we explain the 5 essential qualities that a personal injury lawyer must possess.


Our lawyers from Okatie have these qualities that make them the best personal injury lawyers to have in South Carolina.

  • Communication - You can determine if the lawyer you hired is competent based on how they interact with their clients. In The Brown Firm, our lawyers will update you about everything regarding the case. They will also treat you with the utmost respect.

  • Experience - A lawyer who is experienced in personal injury has more chances of winning the lawsuit compared to those who are rookies. Our Okatie lawyers are guaranteed experienced and licensed to perform the duties of a personal injury lawyer.

  • Availability - Our legal personnel can be contacted even outside of regular business hours if you ever need to ask questions regarding the lawsuit and other inquiries that you have.

  • Legal fees - Our attorneys work on a contingency fee, which means that they will not be paid unless you get paid first. Also, we at The Brown Firm ensure that your legal fees would not go to waste.

  • Honesty - There is always a chance that you might not win the lawsuit. Our Okatie attorneys are straight to the point and will tell you everything that you need to know when it comes to the case.

Now that you understand the 5 qualities, you may be asking how much will it cost me to hire an injury lawyer?


Hiring one of our Okatie personal injury lawyers will not cost you any upfront legal fees because we provide a free consultation for our clients and work on a contingency fee basis. Your lawyer collects only a small portion of your final settlement.

Because of the contingency fee basis, you are sure that your attorney will do everything in their power to maximize your settlement and make sure that you win your lawsuit.

What can be compensated in a PI Case?

If you are involved in an accident, your settlement depends on the type of accident that you were involved in.

In most personal injury lawsuits, settlement amounts include compensation for the following expenses:

  • Property damage

  • Medical bills

  • Loss of wages

  • Physical pain and suffering

  • Emotional distress

  • Loss of consortium

Having an experienced personal injury lawyer is essential because they can determine which of these expenses should be included in your compensation.

The type of accident, amount of damage, the extent of injuries, and the amount of insurance coverage, on the other hand, should determine the value of your case.

Does a personal injury lawsuit require the victim to attend the court trial?

Most of the time, personal injury lawsuits do not require the victim and the party responsible for the accident to go to trial. Instead, a settlement will be deliberated and finalized between your attorney and the insurance company of the other party.

Our Okatie lawyers will do everything to discuss what the best option is for you to receive the largest settlement possible; this has a small percentage of leading to trial.

In fact, our firm only has to go to court in 5% of cases. This means less time you have to wait to get compensated.

What legal matters does The Brown Firm cover?

As long the accident was not your fault, The Brown Firm can assist you immediately in your legal matters. We cover auto accidents, truck accidents, medical malpractice, work-related injuries, slips and falls, dog bites, motorcycle accidents, and wrongful death.

The Brown Firm will take legal measures against those who are responsible for your accident, whether it’s an individual, your workplace, a company, or any establishment that failed its duty to follow proper protocol causing injury.

How long will it take to get settlements?

The length of time before you get your settlement depends on how soon you speak to your attorney after an accident. If you have no reliable personal injury lawyer yet, The Brown Firm can offer you the best lawyers in the state.

The seriousness of the accident, the extent of injuries, and the size of the settlement you want to claim also determine how long before you claim your arrangements. If your case involves going to trial, it will take a much longer time before your case is processed.

What can you expect from The Brown Firm?

As one of the leading law firms in South Carolina, when it comes to personal injuries, we promise nothing but exceptional service from our dedicated lawyers. We demand nothing but client satisfaction – from the consultation process to the negotiation of settlements we are there for you.

Contact the Best Personal Injury Firm in South Carolina today to get your case started!

Experiencing an injury can be painful and traumatic. The best way to at least patch the scars caused by the incident is through having monetary compensation of what needs to be paid.

With over 30 years of experience, The Brown Firm Personal Injury Lawyers in Okatie, SC will guarantee that you will get the settlement that you deserve. Call us at (843) 919-7888 to book a free consultation now!

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