Updated: October 11, 2021

I'm finally feeling better and working on some projects that I had to put down for a while. When I began to get back into things, I had to prioritize and make some difficult choices based on what I can do at this time. If it's not in this list, it's not on the radar.

Though Facebook has been ood to me, changes in my health and life have made me regroup and think over where my effort and knowledge get the most bang for my buck. This means I will be moving to other

  • The 200 series on TikTok in which I start from the beginning of the story and work my way through. Connecting with victims, meeting women who want to help, and organizing information for a book I plan to write about Springfield. It has started to build a beautiful community, and I have corresponded with a few victims who just want to be heard and understood, and the lessons in their story to carry on.

  • Citizen journalist series on TikTok in which I work all my stories and cases live in front of an audience, and will share my screen when possible. It doesn't get any more transparent than that, and lets me reach victims, advocates, journalists and activists who might find it interesting to see stories from start to finish.

  • Establishing a YouTube presence, which will eventually store all kinds of media, from screen share videos and an archive for raw and edited video.