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NEW! Online meetings are where it's at.  I now have everything in place to meet online, any day of the week.  Contact me through my site or Facebook and we can set a time.

Updates to the site have been published for review.   See what it looks like to fuck around and find out.

It's HERE!  Buy a copy of Like The Air We Breathe today!

My second book, We Don't Talk About These Things is available on Amazon now!

I am publishing individual pieces on Kindle Vella.  You can click here to read the list of episodes.  Check back often, because this summer I will begin regularly publishing here.  No subscription required.

Please continue to check this site, as I update and direct you to my writing pages and projects.  There will be a lot happening in 2023.

See Contact Me to view my calendar, where scheduled meetings will appear.  Click on any event and it will let you add it to your calendar, which also comes with a handy "join video conference" button included.  

You can come here for updates, see when my next public Zoom meeting will be, find where I'm at on social media, and contact me.

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