Gurpreet Baht is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and the Department of Pathology. His work focuses on bone health, specifically understanding fracture repair in the context of aging.

Postdoctoral Fellowship, University of Toronto (Canada), 2016

Ph.D., University of Western Ontario (Canada)‚Äč, 2009

B.Sc., Universtiy of Waterloo (Canada), 2003

Xiaohua Zong is a technician in the Baht Lab specializing in developing mouse models, performing histological techniques, and investigation of systems using tissue culture techniques.

M.D., Nanjing Medical College (China), 1992

Lab Alumni

Lorenna Garcia-Bochas was a summer student in 2017 with SROP. Lorenna's project investigates the effects of gastric bypass surgery on bone health and osteoblastic differentiation.

Bachelor of Science (Candidate), Fayetteville State University

Baht Lab, 300 North Duke Street, Durham, NC 27701