I am a white Unitarian Universalist ministry student and came across your site while searching for resources on diversity, anti-discrimination/-oppression...particularly in relation to racism. Aside from your site, I found little that created pathways for white allyship. Thank you so much for your work! This is definitely something that will allow people to engage, who might otherwise be mired in guilt or shame because of being members of an oppressive group. I look forward to putting the word out!

Stefanie Etzbach-Dale

M.Div.UU Ministry

I had the pleasure of working with Brian C. Steinberg as his Assistant Residence Hall Director during his last year as a Residence Hall Director at Stony Brook University. Brian is both open minded and well verse in Diversity issues. He is always willing to go the extra mile when it came to educating student, staff, and faculty about diversity. In the residence hall Brian programmed to increase student awareness about diversity and created a "Safe Zone" for all to participate. Brian taught a Diversity Peer Education Class at Stony Brook University that was design to educate students about diversity issues and allow these students to teach their peers about the information they had learned through programming. Also, Brian has present on many diversity-related issues at conferences throughout the country including the Resident Assistant Conference held at Stony Brook University. Brian has a vast knowledge of diversity issues and friendly open-minded personality.

Jonathan Ragone

Former Assistant Hall Director at Stony Brook University

I've had the pleasure of working with Brian Steinberg at Stony Brook University for 2 years. Since I've known him, Brian has been dedicated to creating a safe environment, and creating diversity awareness on the Stony Brook Campus. Brian has taught a diversity peer education course in which he helped to create diversity educators and mentors. On a professional level, Brian has presented at local, regional, and national conferences, as well as educated his peers and students of the importance of diversity. He is well known for his accomplishemnts and is recognized as a true leader at every institution he has worked at. Brian has an overwhelming sense of the need for equality, and is a great asset to the field of Student Affairs.

Latreyanda Lynch

Residence Hall Director at William Patterson University

I worked with Brian C. Steinberg for a semester to co-instruct a general introductory course to Stony Brook University, and an introductory course that was oriented towards the concerns of those involved in engineering and science degree programs. From this experience, I came to be aware of Mr. Steinberg's great ability to effectively communicate information, to orient subject matter to meet the needs of a given population and to time manage his schedule to complete all projects to the best of his ability. Here, I also became aware of Brian's passion regarding diversity issues and his experiences with various diversity programs. He served as a reference and guide for "The Eleanor Roosevelt Quad Diversity Committee," of which I was the chair for a year, and functioned as a mentor and friend to all committee members.

Alison Silvestri

Former Student at Stony Brook University