At the 2010 reunion

Art Barnett

Died on Jan. 24, 2014 at age 104.

We are trying to locate the obituary. Please contact Lois Carlson if you have a copy or a link.

Art Barnett

Missionary doctor to Kenya

Saved to Serve

Survivors were filled with gratitude, as they reflected on the many miracles they had known. In response, some survivors felt they had been "saved to serve". Many succeeded in getting to Africa later, serving as missionaries. For example, Art Barnett became a missionary doctor to Kenya.

Their life stories are heroic. Others survivors, also heroic, have served closer to home.

Survivors at 2006 reunion

Zamzam survivors began holding reunions in 1991, 50 years after the sinking. In 2006 a sixth reunion was held August 4 - 6 at the Keswick Conference grounds in Whiting, New Jersey, marking 65 years since the Zamzam's sinking. 15 survivors were in attendance. Now in their nineties, only two of those fifteen had been adults in 1941, the others being children then.

The 2006 gathering totaled 47 persons, including survivors, spouses, children, grandchildren, and other family members, plus a few interested friends. They came from Brazil, Canada, and the following states: Pennsylvania, Oklahoma, Missouri, Colorado, Illinois, New Jersey, Florida, Texas, and California

Survivors at 2010 reunion

Row 1: Edith (Brill) Stanford, Eleanor (Danielson) Anderson, Alice (Landis) Schellenberg, Art Barnett, Lois (Danielson) Carlson, Fay (Brill) Ferris;

Row 2: Luella (Danielson) Holwerda, Evelyn (Danielson) Ternstrom, Elaine (Morrill) Rodriguez, Gordon Smith, Peter Levitt, Laurence Danielson, and Wilfred Danielson.