The Zamzam Story
Eleanor Anderson

In the spring of 1941, before the United States had entered World War II, the passenger ship Zamzam was sunk by a German raider in the South Atlantic. Among the Zamzam's 201 passengers were 142 Americans, most of whom were missionaries en route to Africa. The dramatic sinking and miraculous rescue became headline news in 1941.

"I believe this story should be shared and treasured, for it shows how faith in God can wrap us in His matchless love and help us endure the trials and temptations life brings."
Eleanor Anderson, Miracle at Sea

New Book
Danielson, Wilfred. Zamzam (Ship) Bibliography, Chronology, Memoir, and More. 2022. The author's mother and her six children were trying to join missionary Elmer Danielson in Tanganyika. Wilfred was 3 years old. The bibliography annotates the numerous published and unpublished accounts of the multifaceted story. The chronology focuses on the Danielson family and the memoir includes ships sailed on besides the Zamzam.

Recent Book
Kazim, Muhammad. The Sinking of the Zamzam, 1945. Mr. Kazim was one of the few journalists invited by the Egyptian Company for Travel and Navigation to travel on-board the Zamzam around the beginning of 1934. This book was written in Arabic and has now been translated to English by Lucy Shafik, Spring 2020.

Zamzam Reunion
On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the sinking of the Zamzam, the 8th and final Zamzam reunion was held on April 15-17, 2016 in Lindsborg, Kansas. Twelve Zamzam survivors attended along with many family members.

Note that the News webpage includes annual "Zamzam Day" newsletters (2019-2024). It also has transcribed interviews of Art Barnett, Alice Schellenberg and Paul Buyse (Bob's brother).

Celebration of Life
Please check out the webpage We remember to keep informed of Zamzam survivors who have died.

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