Theola Bright is a creative writer, poet, performer, artist, arts educator,publisher, and former Artist-In-Residence for the State of Alabama. She has self published multiple books of poetry, a cook book, and a recent first novel, A Circle of Love. She is also the recipient of The Katherine Drexel Society Literary Award for her poetry, and as a member of Mobile Writers Guild, she is a regular contributor to the Annual Mobile Writes Guild Anthology. She has had many of her literary works published for film and stage and in newspapers, and magazines.

A Circle of Love

My First Novel!

Find yourself in this faith based fictional drama/thriller, "A Circle of Love," which is the first novel in a series of stories that expose the issues in our lives that we do not care to discuss.

This series of books will introduce characters that we all know on a personal basis.; one of them may be someone that we see in the mirror every day. "A Circle of Love" gives us an inner vision and voice into heartfelt emotions concerning our issue with careers, communication, death, emotional instabilities, family matters, finances, habits, insecurities, mental conditions, rejection, relationships, trust and Spirituality.

In this first chronicle, you will be introduced to Helen along with a few other intimate issues that we face on a daily basis. Here you will find that it was Helen's INSECURITY that allowed a small thing as a bottle of perfume called "LOVE" to push her over the edge. Are you on the edge with an issue? What would it take to push YOU over the edge? Think about it. - Theola Bright

Really Exciting News!



Theola Bright is the self published author of multiple books including three books of poetry. All of these works are part of her mission and have added in spreading the "good news" as well as leaving readers with deep impressions of lessons shared and learned.

Theola is the 2014 Poet Laureate of Spoken Word of Mobile.

poems to live by

From the Soul of Theola Bright. Poems that are true today as they were in 1981. Each poem has a bible reference. Be your own analyst and solve your own problems by reading Theola's first book of inspirational poetry.

The companion cd "Think About It" is available here.

20 years of love

For those who are in love, have loved, or are looking for love. A collection of love poems written at different stages of relationships. Place it on your night stand for pleasant dreams!

The companion cd "20 Years of Love" is available here.

Just Thinking

Thoughts and opinions about people, things, issues, and situations. Things that we think about, but dare not discuss. Place it on your coffee table as a conversation starter!

The companion cd "Think About It" is available here.


Theola is the 2014 Poet Laureate of Spoken Word of Mobile.

I am truly honored by the recognition of the Katherine Drexel Society. Learn more about the Katherine Drexel Society by visiting them here.

Presenting a signed copy of "Poems to Live By" to Shirley Chisholm.

It is always an honor to meet and share a platform with some of our icons in the literary field as well as movers and shakers in society.

First photo is when I presented an autographed copy of my first book of poetry to Shirley Chisholm, the first black woman to run for President of the United States, and Professor Sonia Sanchez; pictured on the right.

Another of my great honors, meeting Sonia Sanchez, a fellow reknowned native Alabama Poet