Antonio Villaraigosa

Former Los Angeles Mayor and Candidate for California's Governor

"These are my boys here. I'm proud of them."

Neal Kleiner

Former LAUSD School Principal and UCLA Alumn

“Boys to Men is the best program for middle school males that I have seen in my 38 years in LAUSD. It is Muir’s answer to gangs and dropping out."

Michael Smith

Former Director of Middle Schools LAUSD - Local District 7

"Boys to Men is the type of program that is needed at every middle school in LAUSD. The positive self-esteem demonstrated by the participants of 'Boys to Men' exemplify the impact of this program."

Josue Damas

Honors Graduate & Program Director

"Boys to Men Has helped me through the struggles of South Central L.A., if “Boys to Men” can help me it, can help anyone."