Banquet '19

Fatherhood Project


Presented to

Edwin Conseco de Santiago

Man of the Year


Presented to

Billy Moreno

Most Improved


Presented to

Jamie Mena

CEO Sean Rector recognizes Senior Program Director Alexander Okoro

The young men of the program are ready to perform

Going over a few final touches to the Banquet program.

Ryan Welch '07 and Marlon Douglas '07 Catching up before the Banquet.

Lips Sync Battle

Man of the Year recipient Billy Moreno serenades his mother during his Lip sync performance. His mother takes a picture as she blushes at her sons gentlemanly gesture.

Our commitment to the teaching young men and young ladies excellence is paid back in full by the Alumni who come back to give back to their community. Once again thank you to all of the alumnus that stood firm on their convictions and committed to making a great event successful.