About Us

Mission Statement

The Pacific Math Alliance (PMA) is a multi-tiered, integrated, multi-campus mathematical community that provides networking, mentoring and research connections for mathematicians and students of mathematics that are underrepresented in the mathematical sciences. Our aims include,

  • providing chains of mentors both at home institutions and beyond;

  • providing narratives of the diversity of experiences that lead individuals into the mathematics profession;

  • sharing best practices for creating community within the mathematical sciences;

  • sharing ideas/best practices for the funding and organization of programs that broaden access to and provide support in the mathematical sciences;

  • increasing the number of mathematics faculty from underrepresented groups;

  • assisting faculty to develop and facilitate vertical integration of experiences at their home institutions;

  • providing students with real access to mathematics and mathematical careers via sustained mentorship.

  • reaching students and supporting them through the process of achieving success pursuing a math discipline.

  • providing support to students all the way from HS/CC to 4-year schools, and even to graduate programs, for those interested in doing so, while also supporting students to transition onto careers in Education, Industry, or the Academy.

  • increasing participation, and exposure, of faculty and students from underrepresented groups by holding, or sponsoring, events and activities that will have a diverse spectrum of participants and leaders.

The PMA organizes/facilitates

  • communication between faculty, administrators and students at member institutions;

  • events that bring mentors together to discuss and design best practices that facilitate and promote careers in the mathematical sciences;

  • the collection of information about successful programs/models, and the dissemination of such information;

  • discussions that can lead to a broadening of the priorities of mathematical sciences departments;

  • human resources that can speak about and act as role models for different career options in the mathematical sciences.

To learn more about the organization of the PMA, including committees and ways to get involved, visit our Organization page linked above.