The Karma Club

A 1960s murder mystery freeform for 10-14 players using online video chat!

Welcome to The Karma Club!

The Karma Club is set in the lodge of the Karma Club commune in Wells River, New Hampshire. The commune is set in a couple of acres of land and this evening has been hosting a sending-off party for its guests, rock band Marmalade Skies.

Marmalade Skies had been invited to perform at a 3-day rock concert in Woodstock. Unfortunately their tour bus has broken down. Unable to make it to the concert, they are spending the weekend at the Karma Club commune before embarking on a 5-month U.S. tour. Most of the commune members are attending Woodstock, but a few have stayed behind.

The tour bus is now fixed and in the morning Marmalade Skies resume their tour. Tonight is the chance for one last party. Except that tragedy has struck.

About twenty minutes ago, just before 7pm, shots were fired and Marvin Stank’s body was found next to Pony Noonan’s camper van. The police responded quickly, and arrived only a few minutes ago. Under the able leadership of Deputy Kozlowski, they are ensuring that nobody leaves until detectives arrive to question everyone.


We will use Discord and Google Drive folders to manage the game.