This site is an open offer of assistance if you...

  • Would like to request Initiation (Shaktipat Diksha)

  • Would like support for initiates, by initiates in their own chat-room

About Shaktipat

  • Shaktipat is a process that raises kundalini in a natural, spontaneous way

  • Shaktipat creates ongoing, lasting spiritual effects

  • Shaktipat does not require you to learn anything

  • Shaktipat gives the new initiate tangible proof of its activities almost immediately

Support and Initiations...

  • Group and private support is via the initiates' Telegram chat room or by email

  • Members are offered online video discussion, initiation and practice sessions 3 times a week with the initiator.

  • Video hosts offer 3 sessions per week as additional support. It's all live, there are no video recordings

  • To join you must be over 21

  • You should not be under other formal guidance

About my work

  • I have offered online initiations and support since 2011

  • I do not sell books, tapes, videos, courses etc.

  • There are no charges or money traps.

  • You are never asked for money but donations are appreciated

To Receive initiation you must be over 21 and have read this site first

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