This website is an open offer of assistance for those who...

  • Would like a deeper understanding of what meditation is.

  • Would like to practice and discuss in a video meeting setting or share experiences in a text forum or video chat in a group setting.

  • Would like to request Initiation or Shaktipat Diksha and receive support.

General Meditation practices

  • Members are free to practice standard meditation methods

  • It is not necessary to receive Shaktipat initiation

  • We explore a range of basic, spiritual and transcendental practices to help you achieve your goals

About Shaktipat

  • Shaktipat initiation begins a process that raises kundalini in a natural, spontaneous way

  • Shaktipat creates ongoing, lasting spiritual effects

  • Shaktipat does not require you to learn anything

  • Shaktipat gives the new initiate tangible proof of its activities almost immediately

  • After initiation initiates should receive support

The Meditation Practice Forum

The group is here to assist you.

We offer...

  • An open group setting of encouragement and support.

  • A place to practice in the video meditation rooms.

  • A place to ask questions in the video chat sessions

  • Online sessions for Shaktipat Diksha (initiations)

  • Members may have their own practice diaries if you wish

About me and my work

  • My interest in meditation practice began in 1968

  • I was initiated (Shaktipat Diksha) in 1974

  • I began initiations and teaching meditation practices in 1990

  • I have offered online initiations and support since 2011

  • I do not sell books, tapes, videos, courses - anything

  • The support group is a practice and discussion group.

  • We are not a front for any organization, religion, faith or cult

  • You are never asked for money, but donations are appreciated

The support group is not associated with any sectarian view. We offer an open, online place to group practice together, receive assistance if required and helpful information.

To join the community you must be over 21

Initiations and assistance are free

Donations help me to help you