St. Joseph's Chapel

St. Joseph's Chapel

St. Joseph's Chapel is filled with warm and inviting woodwork. It reminds us the carpentry work Jesus learned from his father on earth, St. Joseph.

Three Crosses Stained Glass

A circular stained-glass window inside the Chapel commemorates the moments when the three major crosses at the Shrine were erected. "As each of the three large crosses was dropped into position, a perfectly round and multicolored large circle of light appeared around the sun and then faded away. This happened three different times, once each as each cross was erected....It is now...reported as a historical fact that such did happen...." (Fr. Robert J. Fox, "Thoughts of a Pastor," The National Catholic Register, April 8, 1973.)

Old Photo of the Circles of Light

Stained Glass and Statues

There are stained glass windows on all sides of the Chapel letting in color and light. Statues of Mary, Jesus, and others remind us to pray and to do the will of the Father.

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Dr. Don Dendiger painted the picture of Our Lady of Guadalupe which hangs at the back of the chapel


Small statues, pictures, paintings and a wall of library books can be found downstairs.