The Marian Visitor Center/Gift Shop

The Center/Gift Shop, across the road from the Shrine proper, was formerly the Klimish school. It was donated by Margaret Hunhoff and moved to the Shrine under the guidance of Willard and Jeanette Schramm. The refurbishing was paid for by former students. The Center holds a museum and provides Holy reminders.

The Holy Innocents Garden

The Garden started from a parking lot next to the Visitor Center when grass, flowers and bushes were planted, and then a search for a statue began. Thanks to the generosity of the Hames and Moriarty families along with other donations, a sculptor, Ed Hlvaka of Spearfish, was chosen. His model of the children, and especially Jesus’ extended hand with the unborn child in it, could not be denied. Bishop Carlson gave his blessing to this endeavor. A Holy Innocents Memorial has been a part of the Shrine since the beginning, originally erected when Arlene Foxhoven lost a baby at birth. They felt the need for closure of a life they missed sharing, as well as the importance of the unborn. The Feast of the Holy Innocents is celebrated each December 28th.

Rachel Weeping for Her Children

This statue is an interpretation of the Biblical text Jerimiah 31:15. Rachel’s silent cry is for a child lost, as symbolized in the empty blanket across her lap. The rose laying at her side is also a sign of life. Rachel’s message is simple: “Cherish Life.” This “Holy Innocents Garden,” an expansion of the original Holy Innocents Memorial, is dedicated to the memory of all children lost to miscarriage, abortion or childhood death. This Rachel statue is included in the Garden as a comfort to all parents who grieve a lost child. Names of Holy Innocents may be left at the memorial.

The Guardian Angel

This setting is found in the Holy Innocents Garden. The Angel is watching over the children as well as all of us as we go through each day.


Willard and Jeanette Schramm were early volunteers at the Shrine. When Willard was asked to help build a Chapel, he said he needed a hog barn more. However, the Chapel was built, and the barn came later. Willard was the Shrine’s “St. Joseph the Carpenter” for many years. The Gazebo was built in memory of Willard.

The Way of the Saints

The pillars are found at the far end of the Holy Innocents Garden. They embrace the story of Saints chosen by their benefactors.

Veteran's Memorial

Dedicated in 2018, this granite marker near the gift shop is engraved with the logos of all branches of the military, as well as the National Guard. The idea was planted by Monsignor Carlton Hermann.