The Supplicant's Handbook

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The Supplicant's Handbook (in-character description)

The front of the Handbook is embossed with the red skull and daggers of The Grim logo and the word "INQUISITION" runs down its spine. A sharp observer would notice that the binding is not of simple animal hide, but rather of dwarven origin. Upon opening the book, you discover a manual for the use of fresh Supplicants written in clear, concise orcish. The words are clearly derived from the work of many authors, and yet they always take the same tone as that of the current High Inquisitor. Littered throughout the text are various quotations from Grim past. Wise Supplicants would heed their warnings and treasure any advice.

The first page has the following handwritten welcome:


Welcome to The Grim.

Within this tome,

you will find much information about your new guild.

The Grim Ranks


Tahngarth Dead-mane, the Gravedigger - in charge of all The Grim

Tiski’tai Sharktooth, (Tisk) - Inquisitor, recruitment officer

Reaver Darkeye, - Inquisitor, recruitment officer

Ellsbeth Karen Moran - Dreadweaver, morale officer

Regzul - Dreadweaver, combat training officer



Guild Master - There must always be a single voice of command.

Inquisitor - Maintain vigilance on all Grim, particularly those that have not proven themselves yet.

Dreadweaver - Grim who provide leadership for specific tasks or can be relied on to step in if other officers are unavailable.


Harbinger - Members who have proven themselves for many, many years. Paperwork retained at this level for 2 months of inaction without communication (changed to Lost).

Warbringer - Fully trusted members of the Grim. Paperwork retained at this level for 2 months of inaction without communication (changed to Lost).


Veteran - A former member that has returned. Promoted to Warbringer through actions. Demoted to Lost through inaction. Paperwork retained at this level for 1 month (changed dependent on activity).

Supplicant - Worthiness being tested. Upon completion of trials is promoted to Harbinger. Active within the guild for 1 month without the trials gains Warbringer rank. Paperwork retained for 1 month of inaction without communication (removed from guild).

Minion - Vouched for by others. Paperwork retained for 6 months of inaction without communication (removed from guild).

Lost - Presumed dead until proven otherwise. Paperwork retained for 1 year.

The Grim Guildhall (out-of-game information resources, IC/OOC)

(( The in-character physical description of the Guild Hall and some of its residents can be found here. Links: The Forums and The Discord. ))

The guildhall ((forums/discord)) is where you will find any Grim news, announcements, information about upcoming battles or events. It also houses your new quarters, where you will pick up your guild mail and meet with your brothers and sisters in arms. You are expected to check in here regularly. Within a few days of swearing your honor to the Mandate, you should have access to most of the guild hall. Notify an officer if there are still places you cannot see. The wards that guard the inner sanctum are strong, and the key-rune requires time to take effect. ((If you can see beyond the Welcome section of Discord, you are good. If not, let us know.))

There is an arcane calendar in the great hall where you can sign your name for battles and events. While you may do so, it is not expected, and it is important to inform the leader of said events of your intention to attend. If you turn coward or otherwise lose your capacity for competence, you must immediately inform the leader that they will be short one soldier. ((When we begin performing raids and other organized events, members are never required to participated. However, if there is a sign-up and you commit to showing for something, please let us know if it turns out that you cannot make it. Others may be depending on your attendance. ))

You will be expected to keep your armor and weapons in good repair and equipped with all the appropriate gems and magical enhancements. ((Mumble is our preferred voice communications if there are more than a few people gathered. Discord channels may be used for smaller groupings and/or if we are communicating with non-Grim. It is usually simple to setup if you follow the guided installation and setup. If you have problems, just flag someone on Discord and we’ll help you get it figured out. ))

Inquisition Meetings (out-of-character information)

Each week, the Inquisition gathers to meet with Supplicants and those interested in becoming Grim. All Grim are welcome and encouraged to attend Inquisition meetings. These meetings are held in-character and act as our primary scheduled RP opportunity to interact with other Grim players.

At Inquisition meetings, Supplicants are expected to (in-character) update those gathered on the progress of their Trials. Supplicants should come prepared to speak briefly but efficiently.

If Supplicants are unable to attend Inquisition meetings, they should inform an Inquisitor and remain in contact by other means.

Currently, Inquisition meetings are taking place Sunday evenings at the 6pm server time (PST) in the graveyard outside of Brill. Due to game mechanic layering, be sure to whisper an Inquisitor (Tisk or Reaver) for a /raid invitation. Sometimes if there are other RP events happening at this time, we may forego the Inquisition to attend those events.

The Grim Trials (in-character description)

General Information and Purpose

A Supplicant of The Grim has committed themselves to a cause greater than any kingdom. By seeking to fight under the Mandate, they have recognized something to which most in this world are blind – that the path to peace leads through a sea of flame and blood. The Grim are that fire. The Grim are the blade. The Inquisition will determine whether the crucible will turn out one fit to wear our tabard – or worthless slag to be ground underfoot.

The Grim do not resolve issues with simple words, but with forceful action. When Thrall called to the members of the Horde to defend against the threats to its existence, The Grim were among the first to answer that call. In every campaign and every conflict since then, The Grim have been in the vanguard of the fight. From the beginning, we have known there is only one way to succeed – Peace Through Annihilation.

Trial of Combat

In the Trial of Combat, a Supplicant must prove their worth to the Mandate in a fight against an enemy or enemies of equal or greater standing to their current level of experience. You must fight in the field alongside fellow Grim and you must earn the approval of those Grim. You must then present a report for the guild hall about your experience. You may be assigned other feats for you to perform. It is not wise to question the orders of the Inquisition.

If found worthy, a Supplicant will begin their next Trial. If found unworthy, the Supplicant will be given a single chance to redeem themselves or be removed from The Grim and hunted down.

Trial of Sacrifice

War is sacrifice. None know this more than The Grim. We do what others are unwilling to do, either because of personal morals, their culture, or their own limits. There are no innocents in battle and no price too dear for victory. To stand among The Grim, a Supplicant must understand that their life apart from the Mandate can rule them no longer.

In the Trial of Sacrifice, a Supplicant must show their willingness to let go of who they once were and to embrace the Mandate as who they are now. What the Supplicant will sacrifice will be left to them – unless their choice of sacrifice is found unworthy of the Mandate, in which case they will be assigned something more fitting. Those wishing to become true Grim must be prepared to give anything and everything, and to know this truth for themselves – "You are Grim or you are nothing."

If the sacrifice is found worthy, the Supplicant will have earned their status as Adherent of the Grim. They will be presented with their tabard and be recognized a true follower of the Mandate. If found unworthy, a Supplicant will be given a more fitting sacrifice to give – a single chance for redemption. Should they fail, they will be cast out.

"Remember, you do very little service to us dead." - Pincus the Archivist

The Grim Trials (out-of-character details)

General Information and Purpose

As an RP guild, it is important to maintain the illusion of being an evil and elitist organization. By requiring supplicants to post written RP, we hope that this is seen as a spring-board to help you build your character's story and his/her bond with the Grim. It is not meant to be a hardship. If you cannot think of a "good" trial, let an inquisitor know (OOC) and they will help you find something properly "Grimmish" for you to do.

It is up to you how much detail goes into the trial. Some players may write up pages of descriptions, while others may make do with only a few short paragraphs.

You can find many examples of supplicant trials written for our Retail guild on the forums.

Trial of Combat

This Trial is meant to test the player's commitment to the guild's concept of "peace through annihilation" and introduce them to their fellow players and characters. This Trial can be completed through either PvE or PvP content, so long as it is the same level or tier of difficulty as the current level of the character. This can be organized raiding (when we start doing that), a simple dungeon run, rated PvP, city attacks, world PvP, even simply questing, as long as other Grim are involved.

The in-character description of the Trial of Combat is fairly straight-forward. Find a reason to group with other Grim, then recount the battle from your character's perspective. The most commonly used construct is to pen a letter to one of the Inquisitors, but feel free to do something different (the trial still needs to be written and posted on the forums). If you aren't sure, just ask!

Upon completion, an inquisitor will acknowledge receipt and note if it was acceptable or not. When you have completed the Trial of Combat, you will then be encouraged to complete the Trial of Sacrifice.

Trial of Sacrifice

The Trial of Sacrifice is meant to allow the Supplicant player to flex their creative muscle. The in-character words for this Trial are meant to be vague, so you as the player can choose what of value your character is willing to sacrifice to show The Grim that they are committed to the cause. What we are looking for here is the transition of your character's backstory or previous WoW experience to the Grim storyline; while it is up to you to provide the substance and context, it will be the Grim leadership who decide if the character's sacrifice is truly something of worth. We are looking for something creative, but within the confines of game mechanics and good taste.

Finally, it is recommended (and welcomed!) that you speak to the Inquisitors if anything about these Trials is unclear or if you need suggestions/advice on the Inquisition process. These Trials should fit not only your character, but you as a player, and while we want to ensure that our standards are upheld, we also want to make your introduction to the Grim a fun and memorable experience without unnecessary stress or anxiety.

Each trial is to be completed within one month of assignment. Exceptions can be made under appropriate circumstances; speak to an Inquisitor if there are any questions.

Similar to the Trial of Combat, the completed Trial of Sacrifice should be posted to the forums.

Leave of Absence

There are many reasons a person may stop playing a character. Sometimes the real world gets in the way (no time, no money, no energy), or maybe you lose interest in the game. As a primarily "casual" guild (minimal activity requirements for guild membership) we want to allow for players to enjoy the game for whatever time commitment is right for them but we also don't want to have a huge inactive roster with only a few people logging in from day to day.

If you are not seen in-game for a long period of time (see ranks for specific time allotments) and you haven't let us know (out-of-character is fine), you will be assumed dead in-character.

For supplicants, you will be removed from the guild. If you are removed from the guild due to inactivity, you are free to return and just need to contact an officer for an invite. You do not need to resubmit a new application for a character that had already submitted one. Any Trials that have been completed previously will be honored. You will still need to complete the tasks that weren't completed prior to leaving in order to move up in the ranks.

For adherents, you will be demoted to "Lost" rank, which has a longer timer for being retained in the guild. This allows us to keep active players at a higher rank than inactive ones without being "boot-happy".

"We are here because we have chosen to act, rather than react."

- Melchisedech, whereabouts unknown, presumed dead.

Player Behavior Expectations (IC/OOC)

The Grim is an important force on Azeroth, and we expect those under our banner to carry themselves with pride. Respect is to be given to all members of the Horde whether or not they have earned it. You will not harass them in any manner, unless they shown themselves to be traitors. You will not make a fool of yourself in public and excessive nonsense will not be tolerated. If you need any of this explained to you, see an Inquisitor and be prepared for extended instruction.

(( This *should* be a fairly common sense expectation. As a guild that has built up a positive reputation over many years, we want to ensure that members present themselves as mature and reasonable. This expectation applies not only to in-game actions, but also to any out-of-game communications where you declare yourself as Grim to the world. This specifically includes official forums and on Grobbulus related Discord servers. Obviously, if you post as a non-Grim character somewhere, then you can do as you wish.

See Grim Roleplay Details (OOC) on the Home page for more specific details. ))

Final Page (in-character description)

The last page of the handbook is blank, save for the following hand written note:

If you have any questions, you may contact an Inquisitor or another officer, or leave a general message in the guild hall.

Peace through annihilation!