Grammar: Plural Nouns

Now that we have mastered plural verbs, we have to have plural nouns to accompany them (subject/verb agreement, remember!) With just a quick ending change, a noun can become plural. What is important is that you put the correct ending based on DECLENSION!

Culture: Roman Theater

As we've read in our culture, Plautus was one of the most prominent playwrights in Ancient antiquity. His plays usually followed the same pattern: a young man from a respectable family who lives a wild life. He is often in debt and in love with a pretty but unsuitable slave-girl. His father, who is old-fashioned and disapproving, has to be kept in the dark. A cunning slave usually helps him. Eventually it is discovered that the girl is freeborn and from a good family, so they are able to marry. Does this sound familiar...?

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