This website is might be the greatest resource of all time. Through this website, you can search for any CLC vocabulary word, whether it be in English or Latin, and it will find it for you.


Below you will find scanned PDFs of the glossary for each level of Latin. Click on the links appropriate for your class.

Here you will find study sets for all vocabulary from Stages 1 through 48. You can study your vocabulary in a variety of ways including but not limited to: flashcards, practice tests, interactive games, and more!

This is an incredibly unique website that gives its users a chance to read current world news articles IN LATIN!! You'll be pleasantly surprised with how much of it you can read.

This website is an online Latin dictionary. It has both a Latin to English AND English to Latin function. BE CAREFUL! The definitions it provides do not always fit the context of our textbook. Use some common sense when choosing the correct definition.

This youtube channel is AWESOME. I often use the videos found here to supplement grammar topics throughout this website. If you're ever having trouble with grammar, check out this page!!!

Feeling rusty on some of your grammar concepts? Use the embedded website below (or click above) for some interactive practice! All you have to do is look under the 'ACTIVITIES' menu for some fun Latin practice!