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About Magistra Morris

Salvete Discipuli et Parentes! My name is Taylor Morris and this is my fifth year of teaching Latin, and my second year in the North Cluster of Gwinnett County Public Schools.

I received my undergraduate degrees in both Education and Classics from Missouri State University in Springfield, MO in 2015. During that time, I also studied abroad at the American University of Rome for my sophomore and junior years. I am currently working on my Masters degree in Instructional Technology from Drury University, and will graduate in the Fall of 2019.

In addition to teaching, I am the also a Latin Club sponsor and a member of the Georgia Junior Classical League (GJCL).

Magistra Morris' Contact Information and Schedule

Taylor Morris

Latin Teacher

Latin Club Sponsor

Class Period Time

Latin I @NGHS 1 7:10-8:07

Tutoring 8:20-8:55

Plan 8:55-9:55

Latin I - 7A 2 9:55-10:45

Latin I - 7B 3 10:45-11:35

Lunch/Plan 11:35-12:20

Latin I - 8A 4 12:20-1:10

German I - 8B 5 1:10-2:00

Plan 2:00-2:20

Intro to Latin -6A 6 2:20-3:10

Intro to Latin - 6B 7 3:10-4:00